About Us

Mission Statement

This is our commitment to you.

To provide a safe, dependable and dignified wheelchair-transport service for our wheelchair-bound and mobility-impaired customers in Singapore.

Our team genuinely cares for your needs and believes in service with compassion.

Our Team

Our Founders

Co-founders, Chew Hai Chwee and Ellen Lau recognized the need for better transportation for the wheelchair-bound while managing a hospital.

Chew Hai Chwee was the CEO of Bright Vision Community Hospital; Ellen Lau was the Pastoral Care Manager who oversaw the logistical requirements of organising transportation for patients' outings and home visits.

Witnessing firsthand wheelchair-bound patients struggle to board and disembark from taxis, and yet not require the specialized services of an ambulance, they recognized that a better alternative was required.

In 2009, Silveray Pte Ltd was incorporated, a company dedicated to bridging the gap for better transportation for the wheelchair-bound and/or mobility-impaired clientele. Genuinely caring for your needs, Chew and Lau are committed to hiring only skilled and experienced staff members who have a sincere passion to serve and care for wheelchair customers and their caregivers. Silveray employees will provide courteous, respectful, and friendly service to each individual.

The Silveray team looks forward to providing exceptional customer service to each and every individual and organization. As founders, Chew and Lau welcome your business and new-found friendships.

Our Partner

In December 2010, Chrissie Tan joined the founders as a shareholder and as part of Silveray's dynamic team.

Chrissie is dedicated to providing a helping hand, having recognized the needs of assisted transport during her encounters as a cancer patient and in the aid of her late mother's cancer treatment.

During her one-year fight against Leukemia in 2006, Chrissie went through and was weaken by 4 rounds of chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant. She was confined either at the hospital or at home as walking, especially getting in and out of a car was physically taxing. Therefore her once active life as a sales consultant and mother of a young daughter had to be put on hold.

While Chrissie is in full remission now, her mother was not as fortunate. She was diagnosed of colon cancer 3 years after Chrissie's ordeal and sadly passed away in 2010. It was during these 18 months of looking after her mother that Chrissie was once again reminded of the importance of mobility during times of sickness.

Having been through life's ups and downs, she is determined to bring joy and brighten up the lives of people with mobility needs.

Our Sponsors

Our sponsor spotlight has fallen on Mr. Gan Ah Guan. He has donated many boxes of cookies, crackers and dried fruit as complimentary gifts for our less fortunate clients.

Mr. Gan Ah Guan is the Chief Executive Officer and owner of Kee Wee Hup Kee Food Manufacturing. The company was started by his father, Mr. Gan Kee Wei, in 1950 and now exports to more than 40 countries around the world. We would like to thank Mr. Gan Ah Guan for his generosity and continued support of Silveray!

Silveray would also like to thank other sponsors who have preferred to remain anonymous for their generosity and continued support of Silveray.

We encourage companies and organizations to sponsor trips to various sites in Singapore. The wheelchair-bound are often limited by their handicap. By sponsoring a Silveray ride, you can help them see new sights and create memorable new experiences.

Do your community a favor and sponsor a Silveray ride today!